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It was fantastic

They assisted in our captioning for our Online Open House. It was fantastic. We were very pleased. Even when things did not go as planned, Kelsey and the captioner did an awesome job of making sure we had the best experience possible.

Marquise, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Admissions and Dual Enrollment
Montgomery County Community College

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Everything gets done

Very satisfied with your services.
Everything gets done in timely and professional manner.
Thank you.

Vera, MA, MA
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, DSO
Cambridge College

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Thank you!

Fall 2020 was unprecedented for sure. Brittany was wonderful in filling several last minute needs that we had come up. Although we did not use R-CART services consistently like we have in the past, her hard work to meet our needs is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Coordinator for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Senior Interpreter, Disability Services
Stephen F. Austin State University

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My experience with Karasch this fall was wonderful

My experience with Karasch this fall was wonderful, as always. Brittany and Kayla are always quick to respond to questions and have helped me out on more than one occasion when I either forgot or failed to reserve captioning services and contacted them in a panic.

NTI Rutgers

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They are very helpful and willing to accommodate

Excellent, they are very helpful and willing to accommodate. We appreciate the help they provide.

Bunker Hill

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Everything went smoothly

Karasch moved quickly and efficiently to get services in place. One services were set up I didn't need to worry about a thing. Everything went smoothly. Communication was excellent, and the student was very satisfied with the services.

Illinois Valley Community College

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Brittany and Kayla have been very helpful and flexible with figuring out the best game plan for Karasch & ASLIS to partner to provide captioning services. I appreciate their knowledge, professionalism, and just their work in general!


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I love working with Karasch

As an independent contractor providing CART services for Karasch I am pleased to give them my sincere recommendation.  Karasch offers competitive pay and flexible scheduling including weekend and evening jobs. They are able to tailor specific jobs to providers and have an exciting variety of work.  Recently I have provided CART services for a college football tailgating party and a Vesper's Christmas concert! The support staff are truly friendly, helpful, and always available. I love working with Karasch and look forward to a long stable partnership with them. 

Independent Contractor

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Karasch is a great company to work with

As a freelance CART captioner, Karasch is a great company to work with. They're professional and have a great grasp of consumers' needs and the reporter's needs to provide the best service available. They communicate well and I can tell they really care about their clients.

Kelsey is such a pleasure to work with. She communicates well and is an excellent problem-solver if issues do arise. She has in-depth knowledge of reporters' needs to provide quality captions and goes above and beyond in providing an excellent service for all involved.

Heather, RMR, CRR, CRC, RSA
Independent Contractor

Karasch earned my loyalty

This past summer, we had a deposition taking place in central PA. I found a company online and received a confirmation email. All set… or so I thought. The day of the deposition I got a call from the attorney: the court reporter hadn’t showed. After 3 calls to the online company, they admitted it was never scheduled… because they couldn’t find anyone.

In a panic, I reached out to Karasch. In less than an hour, they were able to locate a court reporter and set up a remote session. As a legal assistant for over 20 years, it’s rare to find a company who will go the extra mile (or 100).

Litigation Legal Assistant
GG Law

Service from Karasch has always been wonderful!

Captionist are skilled and friendly, response time is very reasonable, and you guys have always been able to accommodate last minute requests. It is very appreciated!”

Coordinator for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Senior Interpreter